We love to design, animate, create and inspire.

Red Tiki is a team of experienced design professionals working together for the love of the web and animation.

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Our tiki world is full of colour, movement and fun where the Red Tiki King of design looks down on us and makes us do great work. It’s a world of creativity and craft. An island of eccentric excellence in a sea of monochrome mediocrity.

The tiki slaves have all done their time in the corporate world designing shiny logos, beautiful brochures, workmanlike websites and slick animation – so we know what works. But we all longed for more! So we searched for the answer and found it on Red Tiki Island.

Here we put funk into functionality and work with only the finest clients who hail the King and his awesome powers of design. If you appreciate arty, off-the-wall thinking and outrageous outcomes that get you noticed then the Red Tiki King can rise to the challenge. He will whip his slaves into submission to create something different and special just for you.

The Red Tiki King demands work of the highest quality and accepts no excuses or substitutes. All his slaves share this ethos. Despite being called slaves they all have been marooned on the Island by choice and went to great lengths to find themselves worthy to serve under the King. The King’s authority is highly respected and his slaves work hard to maintain his royal reputation. In return the Red Tiki King treats his slaves well with rewards of rum rations and terrific tiki times.

Here on Tiki Island we do all sorts of things. Ideally we get the freedom to design from the ground up; logo to website, software, animation, design elements, T-shirts, the works! But we’re reasonable and understand that not everyone can start from scratch. So if you want just a touch of the Red Tiki flavor it can be arranged. Whatever the project the slaves will sweat it out to produce something original & of the highest caliber.

The slaves are a crazy, ragtag bunch of misfits who've washed up on Tiki Island. Each slave brings a unique skill set to the island. We have all sorts; designers, copywriters, developers, photographers, illustrators, talkers, doers, cocktail makers and more!

The slaves work together in their pursuit of excellence to please the Red Tiki King. And the King is never happier than when he achieves success for his loyal clients.

On Red Tiki Island we love what we do and it shows in our work.

Every slave strives to be the best and do better with each task we undertake. We are a tight knit team with a fun, bright, fizzy flavor that packs a punch!

You can follow our cocktail-fuelled adventures on our blog if you want to know more.

The King prides himself on producing exceptional design and over the years the world outside the island has taken notice. Red Tiki has received countless awards and nominations including (most recently) Gold at the 42nd International Creativity Media and Interactive Awards. If you’d like to know more check our Facebook Page for a comprehensive list of our awards & nominations to date.

If you have an idea that you’d like us to work our tiki magic on send us an email or give us a call and get the slaves sweating for you!