The Story of Professor Jimmy Choo

The Story of Professor Jimmy Choo

Last month the lucky Red Tiki social media team worked on The Story of Professor Jimmy Choo OBE Exhibition at Claremont Quarter in Perth, Australia. This exclusive exhibition featured original sketches, images and bespoke one-of-a-kind couture shoes from the Jimmy Choo Couture line, giving insight into the life, work and inspiration of the legendary shoe designer. 

With the one-off Jimmy Choo Couture creations tucked safely within glass cabinets, we wanted to give exhibition-goers the experience of digitally turning each shoe ...

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5 Brilliant Fan Films on the Web

5 Brilliant Fan Films on the Web - Discuss this on our FACEBOOK PAGE or send us a TWEET.

This week a Futurama 3D video was uploaded to the Internet, sparking my passion for fandom and unapologetic copyright infringing web media once more. The video was made by Alexy Zakharov, a digital artist and animator based in Moscow. It works as a neat little teaser for a world that could be fleshed out further if Matt Groening and the powers that be weren’t already pondering the possibilities. Bonus points to this video for also using music from Forrest Gump to give it ...

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The Awesome Potato Salad Kickstarter

Why the Kickstarter Campaign "I'm Making Potato Salad" is Awesome. 

Usain Bolt can sprint 100 metres in 9.58 seconds. Dolly Parton writes hit songs and has an Imagination Library for kids in the Dollywood Foundation. Neil Armstrong has hurtled through time and space and walked on the moon. People do amazing things and accomplish unbelievable feats of mental and physical strength every year, no, every month – actually, make that every week on this planet. But in a world of big dreams, endless ambitions, and sickening aspirations for fame and glory, one man just ...

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Is the Greenpeace ad on LEGO and Shell any good?

Is the Greenpeace ad on LEGO and Shell any good?

If you haven’t seen the protest advertisement from Greenpeace emphasizing that LEGO should end its partnership with the oil company Shell see it here.

Now let’s talk about it.

I’m very passionate about social media and digital strategy, which are growing departments here at Red Tiki Island. But I am torn when it comes to figuring out if this advertisement works for me or not. Right now it sits on 650,000 views and it definitely has people talking and starting flame wars with one another in the comments, ...

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Meet the Red Tiki Slaves

There are a whole bunch of us slaving away on Red Tiki Island and we want you to get to know us!

The Red Tiki King has been steadily growing his empire over the past few years and we’ve got a whole bunch of fresh slaves with mad skills doing digital.

We thought it was about time to formally introduce the slave crew to you. So our resident photog, Boz shot the slaves in their two modes; professional and tiki party style!

Check out the album on Facebook for the full photo spread & see if there’s a slave or two you recognise. We tend to get around ;)

The Red ...

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We Need You for Our Dev Crew!

The Red Tiki King is hunting for a new Developer to plug into the team.

All experience levels are being considered & we want you to start as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate! Send work examples & info about yourself to now!

If you'd prefer to contact us via Facebook or Twitter please do so :)

Looking forward to hearing from all you delightful Developer folks in the Perth area very soon.

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