Red Tiki King Begins Campaign 4 World Domination!

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Scoring a 7.51 average on the CSS Awards Site of the Day on the 27th of September on the CSS Awards site On CSS Awards Latest winner on the CSS Design Awards On CSS Nature

The Red Tiki team has been overwhelmed by the positive response our site has received since its launch. We’re flattered, impressed & honored by all the recognition & love that has flowed in our direction.

Jack wisely suggested we enter our site into the CSS Awards. We did & it was featured as site of the day on September the 27th. Then things just started going nuts!

The Red Tiki site has now been showcased on a whole bunch of awesome web industry sites such as CSSWOW, Desey, Web Creme and more. Creamy CSS said our site had “Great CSS and colour!” & "The use ...

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