Tiki Tees

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Super rough initial sketches Simplifying the RedTiki logo Colour and monotone variations of the logo Detail of the final print on a yellow t-shirt Siong wearing the super snazzy final product in RedTiki Red Boz sporting his Eater Island Grey attire

Although we don't have a uniform here on Red Tiki Island, like most people, we like to wear clothes. The Red Tiki King demands a high level of style from his slaves. I've been wanting to design a Red Tiki shirt for a while now and a few days ago I finally put pencil to paper and sketched out a design.

The Process: I decided to do a flat colour version of the current RedTiki logo and after a few failed attempts on the original logo I knew it wasn't going to work. I think deep down I was hoping for a "Make Awesome Now" button in illustrator but alas, it was not ...

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