The Mind of a Tiki Slave: Regan


Being in a workplace with an abundance of awesome people can be rare. Luckily, Red Tiki is one of those magical realms where people brimming with awesomeness converge, collaborate and create in imperfect harmony (who wants to be perfect?).

For the very first time in history I travel into the minds of the awesome people inhabiting this island to unmask their deepest secrets, their darkest thoughts, their fears, hopes, and dreams. I strip them of their residual self image in this digital age to understand the essence of their existence in this ...

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QMx Transmission Complete

Red Tiki is proud to announce that QMx Online is now being transmitted to the universe. First contact with Quantum Mechanix was made in February 2013 via packet switching, port 25, and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (A.K.A - Email). The objective was to construct a retro-futuristic e-commerce website that is ambitious, involved, and classically sci-fi in its aesthetic.

QMx is a company that brings to life beloved objects from your favourite movies and TV shows – replicas, collectibles, posters, wearable art, and more from DC Comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly & ...

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Behind the Scenes: Red Tiki T-Shirt Design


If you visit the island this month you're likely to see some slaves looking very dapper in their brand new Red Tiki t-shirts. The shirts were designed in house by the super duper talented designer they call... Ado! This post gives you a sneak peek into the process of conceptualising and refining the design from the hand drawn grassroots beginnings to the final product printed at The Fabric Printer



Tiki head sketch #1 for the front of the t-shirts. 



Tiki worker brandishes a cocktail in his tail whilst working on a website. This is set ...

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International Creativity GOLD!

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We just won GOLD @ the 42nd International Creativity Awards with our friends at Dessein for our work on the Café Corporate website!

The lovely Tracy at Dessein entered the site & low & behold our work was a winner!

With hundreds of entries from approximately 20 countries we were happily surprised to be listed among the winners. We’re honored to be placed among the ranks of such highly esteemed design talent especially considering the calibre of the other winners. 
To check out all the winners click here! 

We love to collaborate on fun projects and the ...

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We Love What We Do and It Pays Off!

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It’s been nuts of late on Tiki Island. Never before have we had so many people interested in working with us and wanting to know what we can do. If you want to know more about us then this post is for you!

Since being a finalist in the South by Southwest Interactive Business Awards last year, getting shortlisted in the MacFarlane Awards nabbing another Awwwards 'Site of the Day' and featured on the Shopify examples page we’ve been inundated. Certainly can’t complain.

Although our Tiki Island base is ...

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Getting Tactile with Letterpress

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The Red Tiki slaves were thrilled to get a very up-close-and-personal look at some letterpress and specialty finishing techniques, thanks to the friendly crew at Pilpel Print. We have always had an undeniable affection for the craft of letterpress, and never miss any opportunity to lovingly stroke some paper!

Grinning like proud parents, we got to witness some beautiful old Heidelbergs whirring into action, churning out flawless foiling and embossing. The sights! The smells! The lovely results that came straight off the press and into our adoring hands! We were ...
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