We’ve Moved!

Hey Everyone!

We've moved up in the world & are now located at 281 Hay Street in Subiaco.
We're on level 1, in Suite 10 if you're trying to find us ;)
Our phone & email remains the same. 

Cheers :) 

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The Mind of a Tiki Slave: Regan


Being in a workplace with an abundance of awesome people can be rare. Luckily, Red Tiki is one of those magical realms where people brimming with awesomeness converge, collaborate and create in imperfect harmony (who wants to be perfect?).

For the very first time in redtiki.com.au history I travel into the minds of the awesome people inhabiting this island to unmask their deepest secrets, their darkest thoughts, their fears, hopes, and dreams. I strip them of their residual self image in this digital age to understand the essence of their existence in this ...

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The Awesome Potato Salad Kickstarter

Why the Kickstarter Campaign "I'm Making Potato Salad" is Awesome. 

Usain Bolt can sprint 100 metres in 9.58 seconds. Dolly Parton writes hit songs and has an Imagination Library for kids in the Dollywood Foundation. Neil Armstrong has hurtled through time and space and walked on the moon. People do amazing things and accomplish unbelievable feats of mental and physical strength every year, no, every month – actually, make that every week on this planet. But in a world of big dreams, endless ambitions, and sickening aspirations for fame and glory, one man just ...

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Selina joins the slaves for plays

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This blog post is by our fabulous Dutch intern, Selina. Who flew half way across the globe to serve the King! These are Selina's thoughts about her first time at the theatre with the slaves...

Joining the slaves at the opening nights of 2 BSSTC plays!

Back home in the Netherlands I've never ever been to theatre, so when I came here and Ella offered me a ticket to the opening night of a BSSTC play (Black Swan State Theatre Company, which is by the way a fabulously beautiful building, absolutely gorgeous!) it was an all new experience! Meanwhile I've seen 2 of ...

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New Tiki Tees for the King’s Slaves

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You can't be seen just wearing any old thing on Tiki Island, uh-uh. The King simply would not have it.

It became apparent recently that some new Red TIki threads would not go astray. While our previous tees have been good to us, we've realised a few things. Firstly, slaves can never have too many colours. Secondly, more colours equals good colours. Thirdly, it is inappropriate for slaves to don only strategically-placed coconut shells. Ninthly, slaves have both fronts AND backs. (Thanks to the Red Tiki King for gentle prompts regarding both points three and ...

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Tiki Showcase at Outré Gallery

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Any chance to drink some delicious Sailor Jerry Rum, look at sweet tiki art, mingle with hip guys and gals and drink even more rum and the Red Tiki slaves are there! So when we heard that all these things were happening in the one place we jumped at the chance to go along to the Tiki Showcase at Outré Gallery.

The gallery was buzzing from the minute we walked in until the end of the night (when the rum barrels ran dry). The showcased tiki art, sculptures and mugs saw a return to tradition, focusing on amazing handcrafted items which appeal to the most ...
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