International Creativity GOLD!

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We just won GOLD @ the 42nd International Creativity Awards with our friends at Dessein for our work on the Café Corporate website!

The lovely Tracy at Dessein entered the site & low & behold our work was a winner!

With hundreds of entries from approximately 20 countries we were happily surprised to be listed among the winners. We’re honored to be placed among the ranks of such highly esteemed design talent especially considering the calibre of the other winners. 
To check out all the winners click here! 

We love to collaborate on fun projects and the ...

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We Love What We Do and It Pays Off!

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It’s been nuts of late on Tiki Island. Never before have we had so many people interested in working with us and wanting to know what we can do. If you want to know more about us then this post is for you!

Since being a finalist in the South by Southwest Interactive Business Awards last year, getting shortlisted in the MacFarlane Awards nabbing another Awwwards 'Site of the Day' and featured on the Shopify examples page we’ve been inundated. Certainly can’t complain.

Although our Tiki Island base is ...

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Publicity & SxSW…

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The RedTiki team Cam in an interview with Wijmo's, Chris Bannon Cam and Ella playing it cool Ella's interview with Valerie Khoo Cam and Ella playing it cool in the media Cam stands out from the crowds in his RedTiki tee at SxSW

What a whirlwind the last month has been for the Red Tiki team & it isn’t slowing down! Since our South by South West nomination we have been literally inundated with publicity, interest & new clients.

The SxSW interactive festival in Austin, Texas this March was a truly amazing experience. Being nominated as the only Australian finalist for the 2011 SxSW Interactive Business Award was an absolute honour. Getting free tickets to attend the prestigious festival was extremely cool.

We learnt so much. The forums, workshops, lectures, keynotes & panels put on where ...

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Red Tiki a SxSW Finalist!

Great SxSW illustration by Siong

We’ve hardly been able to contain our excitement at being announced as a finalist in the 14th Annual South By Southwest Festival since we found out last week. We’ve all been jumping around the office screaming since. Well I certainly have…

The Red Tiki website is up against some insane work from all over the world in the Business category. Our competition is fierce to say the least. We’re up against kick ass agencies we really respect like 9 Threads & andCulture, and some amazingly creative work on sites from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Alabama’s “Be You” site ...

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Red Tiki King Begins Campaign 4 World Domination!

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Scoring a 7.51 average on the CSS Awards Site of the Day on the 27th of September on the CSS Awards site On CSS Awards Latest winner on the CSS Design Awards On CSS Nature

The Red Tiki team has been overwhelmed by the positive response our site has received since its launch. We’re flattered, impressed & honored by all the recognition & love that has flowed in our direction.

Jack wisely suggested we enter our site into the CSS Awards. We did & it was featured as site of the day on September the 27th. Then things just started going nuts!

The Red Tiki site has now been showcased on a whole bunch of awesome web industry sites such as CSSWOW, Desey, Web Creme and more. Creamy CSS said our site had “Great CSS and colour!” & "The use ...

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Sassy Duck Sails into Retail

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Sassy Duck clutch from the summer 2010 season Sassy Duck summer 2010 season Sassy Duck clutch from the summer 2010 season Sassy Duck summer 2010 season Sassy Duck summer 2010 season Sassy Duck clutch from the summer 2010 season

We’ve worked with Sassy Duck for years. In fact they were among the first of our clients. We’ve created & recreated their wholesale website since 2004.
Every season I would admire their collection as I prepped the pics for web & loaded them online. There was always a colour and/or design that caught my eye.

Inevitably I’d end up purchasing several bags from each collection for myself. I found it easy to justify as almost all their range is under $50! That plus the fact that I may have a little fashion/shopping addiction ;).

The Sassy Duck range became a staple ...

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