The Mind of a Tiki Slave: Adrian

Many people are unaware that there is a secret portal to a third dimension at Red Tiki. If you venture through the maze that is our office you will eventually reach a windowless haven known on the island as Simplisite. It is a melting pot of technical wizards, a majestic realm where genius thrives on a daily basis. Alright, in less fantastical words, it's the dank room where we stash Web Developers and sometimes forget about them when we lock the office up.

I am now going to travel into the minds of the awesome people inhabiting the windowless room to unmask ...

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QMx Transmission Complete

Red Tiki is proud to announce that QMx Online is now being transmitted to the universe. First contact with Quantum Mechanix was made in February 2013 via packet switching, port 25, and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (A.K.A - Email). The objective was to construct a retro-futuristic e-commerce website that is ambitious, involved, and classically sci-fi in its aesthetic.

QMx is a company that brings to life beloved objects from your favourite movies and TV shows – replicas, collectibles, posters, wearable art, and more from DC Comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly & ...

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5 Brilliant Fan Films on the Web

5 Brilliant Fan Films on the Web - Discuss this on our FACEBOOK PAGE or send us a TWEET.

This week a Futurama 3D video was uploaded to the Internet, sparking my passion for fandom and unapologetic copyright infringing web media once more. The video was made by Alexy Zakharov, a digital artist and animator based in Moscow. It works as a neat little teaser for a world that could be fleshed out further if Matt Groening and the powers that be weren’t already pondering the possibilities. Bonus points to this video for also using music from Forrest Gump to give it ...

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The Awesome Potato Salad Kickstarter

Why the Kickstarter Campaign "I'm Making Potato Salad" is Awesome. 

Usain Bolt can sprint 100 metres in 9.58 seconds. Dolly Parton writes hit songs and has an Imagination Library for kids in the Dollywood Foundation. Neil Armstrong has hurtled through time and space and walked on the moon. People do amazing things and accomplish unbelievable feats of mental and physical strength every year, no, every month – actually, make that every week on this planet. But in a world of big dreams, endless ambitions, and sickening aspirations for fame and glory, one man just ...

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Is the Greenpeace ad on LEGO and Shell any good?

Is the Greenpeace ad on LEGO and Shell any good?

If you haven’t seen the protest advertisement from Greenpeace emphasizing that LEGO should end its partnership with the oil company Shell see it here.

Now let’s talk about it.

I’m very passionate about social media and digital strategy, which are growing departments here at Red Tiki Island. But I am torn when it comes to figuring out if this advertisement works for me or not. Right now it sits on 650,000 views and it definitely has people talking and starting flame wars with one another in the comments, ...

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International Creativity GOLD!

Next Back

We just won GOLD @ the 42nd International Creativity Awards with our friends at Dessein for our work on the Café Corporate website!

The lovely Tracy at Dessein entered the site & low & behold our work was a winner!

With hundreds of entries from approximately 20 countries we were happily surprised to be listed among the winners. We’re honored to be placed among the ranks of such highly esteemed design talent especially considering the calibre of the other winners. 
To check out all the winners click here! 

We love to collaborate on fun projects and the ...

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