Getting Tactile with Letterpress

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The Red Tiki slaves were thrilled to get a very up-close-and-personal look at some letterpress and specialty finishing techniques, thanks to the friendly crew at Pilpel Print. We have always had an undeniable affection for the craft of letterpress, and never miss any opportunity to lovingly stroke some paper!

Grinning like proud parents, we got to witness some beautiful old Heidelbergs whirring into action, churning out flawless foiling and embossing. The sights! The smells! The lovely results that came straight off the press and into our adoring hands! We were officially in Print Heaven.
The turnout for this event was a pretty clear indication that we're not alone with our soft spot for such traditions, and that the love for letterpress is far from waning. It was a real pleasure to see what is achievable with these wonderful machines, and how that translates into possibilities for the unique directions we can take for our clients. The beautifully tactile qualities of these finishing techniques make all the difference in making something memorable, and add a value that can be best explained by the "oooooh" of the person that picks it up.
Here on Red Tiki Island, we love nothing better than taking what our hands love and reinterpreting it for your eyes! We are all about creating want-to-touch qualities in a web environment for our clients, designing beautifully tactile websites that are exciting, engaging and out of the ordinary.
Thanks to AGDA for organising this unique event, and also big thanks to Pilpel for being kind enough to welcome in some overly excited Slaves with open arms!





muthukumar says:26 Mar 2012 - 7:06:21

nice work



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