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The RedTiki team Cam in an interview with Wijmo's, Chris Bannon Cam and Ella playing it cool Ella's interview with Valerie Khoo Cam and Ella playing it cool in the media Cam stands out from the crowds in his RedTiki tee at SxSW

What a whirlwind the last month has been for the Red Tiki team & it isn’t slowing down! Since our South by South West nomination we have been literally inundated with publicity, interest & new clients.

The SxSW interactive festival in Austin, Texas this March was a truly amazing experience. Being nominated as the only Australian finalist for the 2011 SxSW Interactive Business Award was an absolute honour. Getting free tickets to attend the prestigious festival was extremely cool.

We learnt so much. The forums, workshops, lectures, keynotes & panels put on where up to the second, addressing the current issues effecting the web & presented/hosted by leaders in the interactive industry from across the globe. Everyone of us ended up making connections & having conversations with many of our online heroes.

We met hundreds of our peers from all over the world. Placing faces & personalities with individuals & companies we’d worked with over the years & only ever known as online entities was rewarding. Not to mention all the new connections we made with fascinating people working in the interactive industry all over Europe & America. Learning how they work & what they do differently was inspirational.

In essence SxSWI was a huge conglomeration of talented motivated professionals passionate about making the web a better place. So invigorating! 

Cam met up & got friendly with the Wijmo guys who he had worked with for some time before actually meeting at SxSWI. They even ended up asking Cam to do an interview about Red Tiki & Wijmo which you can check out on their site.

I caught the attention of a few fashion photographers & bloggers but it was Valerie Khoo, the Managing Director of the Sydney Writers Centre who really took an interest in what Red Tiki was doing @ SxSWI. We met at the Australian Meet-up at the historic Driskill hotel. After chatting for a few minutes Valerie asked if she could interview me. Of course I said yes!

Subsequently Valerie wrote a wonderful article about Red Tiki which was published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Brisbane Times, WA Today & The Age. WA Business News did a story about Red Tiki as soon as we found out about our finalist nomination back in February this year.

Emily Morgan of WA Business News wrote a sensational one pager & Grant Currall took some exquisite shots of the team at the office. A couple of which you can check out above.

Most recently Michelle Hammond from Start Up Smart interviewed Cam & myself for a Red Tiki Start-Up Profile piece.

The publicity has been very much appreciated :)

We’re so excited about applying what we’ve learnt from our SxSW experience. We’re setting our sights higher & can’t wait to sink our teeth into the exciting work on the horizon!





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