Sassy Duck Sails into Retail

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Sassy Duck clutch from the summer 2010 season Sassy Duck summer 2010 season Sassy Duck clutch from the summer 2010 season Sassy Duck summer 2010 season Sassy Duck summer 2010 season Sassy Duck clutch from the summer 2010 season

We’ve worked with Sassy Duck for years. In fact they were among the first of our clients. We’ve created & recreated their wholesale website since 2004.
Every season I would admire their collection as I prepped the pics for web & loaded them online. There was always a colour and/or design that caught my eye.

Inevitably I’d end up purchasing several bags from each collection for myself. I found it easy to justify as almost all their range is under $50! That plus the fact that I may have a little fashion/shopping addiction ;).

The Sassy Duck range became a staple in my wardrobe & everywhere I went people would ask me where they could get that bag/clutch/purse and does it come in black or whatever their fav colour was. I’d list a few stockists I knew of in Perth but thought it’s a shame I can’t tell them to go to the website (as it’s for wholesalers only).

So I got to thinking. Sassy Duck’s such a great fashion accessories brand and is priced reasonably at prices accessible to the average female consumer. Why don’t we create a site where the public can buy their products? And so Sassy Duck Retail was born!

I discussed my idea with Sanny of Sanny photography. He agreed that it was a good call & went about organising a photo shoot to showcase the Sassy Duck Winter Range. Sanny organised an on location shoot at the Cottesloe Civic Centre. Getting together two gorgeous models from Catherine Ruze modeling agency; Jessica Truscott & Emily Johnson, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers & lighting techs. I hung around trying to look busy, buffing & stuffing handbags & adding my two bob where I could.

As you can see on the site the photo’s turned out beautifully. The girls look amazing and really highlight the quality of the Sassy Duck products. 

Now I can tell all my girlfriends and the randoms on the street that ask me “Where did you get that fantastic bag?” to go to & buy one for yourself!

I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the scope of the range and the affordable prices. But be warned it can be hazardous. You may end up with as many as me! On the upside you’ll always have a up-to-the-minute fashion accessory to go with any outfit. It's an inexpensive way to be fashion forward.





gillian says:31 Aug 2012 - 11:10:47


Great idea about the sassyduck website for the general public. - problem is when I go to the link I only see two or three bags with no prices and nothing else.  Is there a problem with the website?



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