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What an amazing year 2011 was for us! Finalist in the international South by SouthWest Interactive Business Awards & the Australia wide MacFarlane Awards for Excellence in Web Design.

The slave family grew & we welcomed some insane new talent to tiki island including the likes of Sharma Heylen-Silvia, Charlie Apps, Claire Jarvis, Peter Dias & Tom Garner.

The Red Tiki King worked us like slaves in 2011 & wanted to reward our efforts with a fantastic tequila infused celebration. And so the Red Tiki Red Xmas party was born!

Boz organized an ebay secret santa bonanza. The challenge? To find something awesome on ebay for $10 or less. Sounds tough I know but the presents were amazingly inventive & down right awesome. For example I got a set of brightly coloured plastic tiki shooters, Sharma got a ‘Life sucks” twizzly straw, Cam got a deck of Shag cocktail cards, there was a Spongebob pineapple house in the mix and many other cool kitsch bric-a-brac.

Claire compiled all the best red cocktail recipes the net had to offer. Cam made Raspberry Margaritas & I went with the classic Strawberry Champagne Cocktail. Both were a hit but I think the Margaritas won ;) Check the next blog post from Claire debonair for the recipes for these beauties!

The dynamic duo from El Asador cooked up a storm for the slaves on a giant Argentinean BBQ. We tried everything & it was all deadly good! A special mention must go to the El Asador’s unbelievably tasty caramel sundaes OMG! Delish!

The prize for best dressed had to go to Peter who wore a full Santa suit despite the extremely hot weather. But needless to say everyone made an effort to honour the King by wearing as much red as possible. Even the ever-monochromatic Jack donned a burgundy polka dot shirt for the occasion. 

The King invited some of his friends to join us including the lovely Karen & Jay from Humaan who luckily bought a bottle of tequila as an offering to the King. This came in very handy later in the evening, as tequila supplies seemed to run dry.

Luke Brooks was kind enough to take some photos of the slaves to commemorate the occasion some of which you’ll see displayed above. Our go-to guy Boz also took some great shots which I've also included in the post. For more great pics of the party check out our Red Tiki Facebook page

Fun was had, an Argentinean feast was devoured, cocktails were consumed, tequila was totaled and a huge mess was left. All in all a party fit for a king & his loyal subjects!





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